Trump "Disinvited" From Making State Of The Union Address By Top Democrat

Trump "Disinvited" From Making State Of The Union Address By Top Democrat

Update: Speaking with CNN, House Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer said that President Trump has been “disinvited” from making the state of the union address.  CNN’s @KateBolduan asks the House Majority Leader; “The letter sounds like she’s asking, but isn’t she just telling him?” Rep. Hoyer: “The speaker is the one who invites the president…” Kate: “So, […]

Nomura: Don't Ignore These Three Big Structural Forces

Nomura: Don't Ignore These Three Big Structural Forces

China’s yuan has surged to start the year, despite dismal economic data and dramatic easing from the PBOC. US equities have soared since the start of the year (NFLX +32%, C +18% YTD) despite tumbling EPS expectations (and “little progress” on US-China trade talks). Cable has zoomed higher for a month, despite an increasingly vicious […]

It's A Gas… Germany Outraged By US Colonial Arrogance

Authored by Finian Cunningham via The Strategic Culture Foundation, This time the outspoken US ambassador in Berlin may have gone too far to be ignored. The German government has denounced as a “provocation” letters that the American envoy sent to companies involved in the Nord Stream 2 project warning them of possible US sanctions. The German government reportedly told […]

Greece Fined €200MM Over Chinese Tax Fraud Network

While president Trump is cracking down on Chinese technology theft “transfer” in the US, with Canada somehow caught in the middle of the ongoing crossfire (as random Canadians are now getting arrested on the mainland in retaliation for Trump’s aggressive practices), it has emerged that China’s Belt and Road initiative may be nothing more than […]


Authored by Therry Meyssan via Voltaire Network, One of the consequences of the successive ends of the bipolar and unipolar world is the re-establishment of colonial projects. One after the other, the French, Turkish and English have publicly declared the return of their colonial ambitions. We still need to know what form they will adopt […]

"Bolsonaro Is Hitler!" Exclaims Venezuela's Maduro In Escalating Spat With Brazil

When in doubt, desperately reach for the Reductio ad Hitlerum argument. Venezuela’s self-styled socialist “liberator” President Nicolas Maduro has dubbed Brazil’s newly elected right-wing leader Jair Bolsonaro “a Hitler of the modern era.” Speaking in front of members of Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly on Monday, Maduro decried that Brazil was “in the hands of a fascist.” And in a sign he’s […]

U.S. Doles Out Millions During Shutdown—Vulnerable Costa Rican Youth, AIDS in Mozambique

The U.S. government may be shut down but it’s still doling out large sums of taxpayer dollars to foreign causes that American citizens may not consider a priority. In the last few days alone, Uncle Sam dedicated millions of dollars in grants to projects that include helping socially vulnerable youth in crime-ridden Costa Rican communities, […]

From Baghdad To Finland And All Across The World: What's The US Up To?

Via, Why does the US Embassy in Helsinki need a big warehouse near Malmi Airport and what are the contents of thousands of kilograms of cargo sent to Helsinki from Baghdad? A dilapidated warehouse in Malmi is being used by the US Embassy for unknown operations after a Wikileaks release revealed its location. The anonymous looking […]

Watch YouTube Star's Million-Dollar McLaren Explode And Melt Down

YouTube star Alejandro Salmondrin was devastated after his 789 horsepower McLaren Sienna caught fire after just 11 days of ownership and 400 miles under its belt.  A former Hollywood filmmaker turned supercar blogger and entrepreneur, Salmondrin has a giant social media footprint with over 1.5 million YouTube subscribers and over a million on Instagram.  While driving […]