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Submitted by Paul Rosenberg via Free-Man’s Perspective blog. Over the last few months a stream of articles have crossed my screen, all proclaiming the need of governments and banks to eliminate cash. I’m sure you’ve noticed them too. It is terrorists and other assorted madmen, we are told, who use cash. And so, to protect us from […]

No Bubble Here

No Bubble Here

This post No Bubble Here: Profiting From Idiocy appeared first on Daily Reckoning. Dear Reviewer, Lately, investors have a Trumpesque obsession with China. They are gnashing their teeth about oil prices. They are wetting their pants over a slowing global economy. I understand why selling stocks in many sectors that will bear the impact from […]

As The Totalitarian World Turns

As The Totalitarian World Turns

George Soros is the very definition of evil personified, according to China’s state-run media. In a blistering attack, Chinese media outlets have singled out the famed hedge fund manager for some incredibly harsh criticism of late, essentially blaming him for instigating concerns that rattled financial markets since the beginning of the year. Just have a […]

Obama, Communism and Cuba

From As a Cuban exile, I feel betrayed by President Obama – The Washington Post: While much attention has been paid to President Obama’s Cuba policy speech, hardly any has been paid to dictator Raúl Castro’s shorter speech, broadcast in Cuba at exactly the same time. In his spiteful address, the unelected ruler of Cuba […]

Searchable Index to Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s Podcasts

“The title for each episode is a link to the full episode page for that podcast on Dr. Peikoff’s website. The time marks, with a few exceptions, link to the single question pages on Dr. Peikoff’s website.Credit goes to John Shepard for creating the original idea, the original list, and helping to maintain updates. Neither […]

How CNN Lied About The Ferguson Riots

From CNN is lying when they say Ferguson protests were ‘peaceful’ | New York Post: It has been remarkable to watch the last few days as America’s self-styled “most trusted news network” has sent out teams of reporters to various areas of Ferguson, Missouri, ostensibly to cover the protests there. While their cameramen are watching […]

Progressive War on Science

From The progressive war on science – The Globe and Mail: Hardly anybody knows basic science and technology these days. Few of us are going to wade through the National Academy of Sciences report. We depend on intermediaries to tell us what to think, and a lot of them are also scientifically illiterate. Most journalists […]

Black Residents Defend White-owned Store in Ferguson with Guns

From Black residents protect white-owned store in Ferguson | Las Vegas Review-Journal: …The unrest surrounding Brown’s death has underscored the often-tense nature of U.S. race relations. But the gas station has stood out as a beacon, literally and figuratively, as nightfall has descended and chaos has reigned around it. On Tuesday night, as police and […]

The Case for Police Reform

Writes Conor Friedersdorf in The Case for Police Reform Is Much Bigger Than Michael Brown: As a longtime proponent of sweeping reforms to the criminal-justice system, I’m extremely apprehensive of the impulse to treat the killing of Michael Brown as a focal rallying point, even granting that the case has mobilized people and attention. His […]

The Truth About Michael Brown, Ferguson and Officer Wilson

Rich Lowry has an excellent editorial on The Inconvenient (and tragic) Truths | New York Post: The bitter irony of the Michael Brown case is that if he had actually put his hands up and said don’t shoot, he would almost certainly be alive today. […] the credible evidence suggests that Michael Brown — after […]

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